The land thrives with glory and pride 🇸🇦

Today, our history witnesses its magnificence as it pursues the path of its dreams, guided by its vision, leaders, and the boundless ambition of its people. Year after year, the future is betting on its success. On this day, life adorns itself with green, announcing that pride is a national duty.

Sary takes pride in Sarians 💚

To the Sarians, who built our economy and contributed to its development, who constructed a promising commercial sector that embraces innovative experiences on the 93rd Saudi National Day, we will not forget your efforts. 

Companies like Sary are built by the hand of its people!

Faisal Albehany, the passionate individual who never backs down from any challenge. He believed in our vision and worked tirelessly to achieve it from the ground up. He began his journey at Sary Jeddah with a team of just three people, handling only 10 orders a day. Through his dedication, he built a remarkable team that operates around the clock, leading a fleet with over 55 drivers and 23 employees. Thanks to their collective efforts, we can now deliver over 1000 orders across Saudi Arabia. His journey continued as he expanded our operations to Makkah, Taif, Qassim, Madinah, and Al-Ahsa.

This country thrives under the guidance of Rawyah, who has empowered Saudi businesses to purchase and sell 5,000+ SKUs with precise and transparent information.

Saudi Arabia takes pride in its youth, who demonstrate exceptional product quality, evolve in customer experiences, innovate in design, adapt to change, and truly understand the needs of the nation.



Khalid AlEisa, a shining example that the youth of this kingdom are the creators of opportunities. Starting as an intern to product manager. He has become an indispensable figure, and his work on the ”’Light House” system continues to influence the work of each and every one of us every day.

Aboud, the growth-minded individual who personally visited 350+ customers to actively listen to their needs, enhance their experience, and deliver practical solutions that address their challenges and simplify their daily lives. He meticulously analyzed, experimented, and fine-tuned every aspect, ultimately digitizing all orders in Al-Ahsa and creating a successful model that we can scale and refine across all cities in Saudi Arabia.

The nation draws its strength from its residents, whose contributions have made an enduring impact on this land.

Jimmy, who dedicates every second of his day to enhancing our profitability, played an instrumental role in positioning Sary at the forefront of Saudi startup companies.

The strength of our nation lies in individuals like Basem, who acts as the crucial link between us and our customers, coordinating 14+ drivers across the entire Eastern region to deliver orders. 

Saudi Arabia depends on the expertise of individuals like Abdulrahman Taha, who provided guidance and support to our suppliers in the process of digitizing their operations through our systems. This ensured that we could deliver quality service that satisfied our customers and improved our profit margins.

Do you know what builds this land?

Your synergy, which was seen when the world stopped due to COVID-19, along with our heroes on the front lines, taking on the responsibility, and ensuring that our community’s needs were met, despite all the precautionary measures.

Those who launched HoReCa within 7 months and Carrefour in just 15 days.The nation depends on those who ensure that its businesses are legal and regulated. They are the ones who built an E-invoicing system aligned with ZACTA, facilitating financial solutions and reinventing traditional industries.We are immensely proud of your dedicated efforts. You have ensured that every Saudi household has access to original products, eliminated commercial fraud, and created jobs that establish a decent life for our nation and its people.

Your hard work is propelling us into a new era of startups, businesses, tourism, and a promising economy.

Ghadeer , Nada, Sadeq , Abdulrahman altanem, Saleem, Basma, Nader, Rozh, Mohamed Ashraf and all of the Sarians…