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Writing is considered one of the most common and significant ways of communication especially in the present time in light of the technology revolution. In order to communicate, people utilize telegrams and emails the most. In Sary, we got used to the narrative pattern, sharing talks via messages and we dole out the tasks among us. Everybody is welcome to join us, providing our customers with the best services. Here we are today, launching our blog which is a reference to all of our news.

Why did we choose to blog? Throughout history, writing was the best way to preserve information, to publish facts and achievements, as well as to express and disclose our feelings. With a view to answer frequently asked questions and explain how to join us and how to take advantage of our services. We chose to write in order to help start-up businesses and business owners be prepared for the job market. Also, we aim to educate the business and trade community. Overall, the success and growth of the commercial sector is part of our success and development as well.

The Sary blog was created to be in constant touch with Sary’s audience. Also, in order to rapidly reach those who are interested in the field of commerce such as; engineers, marketers and entrepreneurs in a new and different way. As a Saudi company, we are always keen to have a hand in raising the community awareness from the commercial aspect. In our blog we share our recent updates, provide easy access to relevant information and discuss different topics. In this way we will keep you updated about us and our recent achievements.

Who we are? In 2018, Muhammad Al-Dossary and Khaled Al-Sayari thought about establishing a corporation called “Sary” as an information technology company. The two founders have a great experience in supply chain management and technical product development. Subsequently, Sary started to serve consumers and it began to expand. Later then, by the end of 2019 the founders changed the company’s missions and strategies. Pivoting to focus on companies and suppliers. After the company pivoted, it became more popular and nowadays any company with purchasing needs, will be served by Sary. Nowadays, Sary is an online platform that connects all wholesale suppliers in one place and provides purchasing solutions to businesses and establishments. Sary raised several investment rounds, as the last round amounted to $ 6.6 million, led by Raed Ventures Fund and with the participation of MSA Capital and Derayah Ventures Fund. Khaled and Mohammed started Sary’s team, and as of today our team has more than 60 employees.

We are proud to be customer-centric which we believe to be fundamental for success and customer satisfaction. We focus on building trust between the service provider and the customer which is underpinned by our closeness to our customers. The blog will be the connecting point between Sary’s team and our friends in the field, as well as those who are interested in our field. The wholesale market is the nexus that connects the companies and the retail market with products, Sary is the dynamo that helps the movement between the wholesale market and the distributors. We continuously aim to develop our services to satisfy our consumers.