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Pact renewal..

On the 90th national day, in Sary, we renew sincerity and loyalty to our great Kingdom, we pledge to spend the years of our lives to evolve this nation and to make use of our efforts to raise its development and progress.

Together, with the help of God, we continue to advance the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to achieve our aspirations for prosperity, and invest in talents, energies and aspirations of our youths.”Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said in his speech of 2030 vision. In the first place the vision is the greatest goal we seek; in the view of the fact that it supports all parties, whether governmental or private sector.

Our Kingdom helped startup businesses to grow and flourish.One of the most important changes that happened was the increment of companies contribution to the gross national product has reached up to 35%. More than 50 governmental and nonprofit entities have participated in promoting and supporting small and medium enterprises. The government has offered at the present time many initiatives in technology, entrepreneurship and digital creativity to allow the creation of new jobs that are compatible with the future of Saudi Arabia and corporate needs.

Saudi Arabia’s motto is based on building and constructing nor destruction, collaboration nor discrimination and evolution nor regression. Since vision 2030 is a bold yet achievable blueprint for an ambitious nation, Sary has contributed to attain the vision’s goal to reach the sector’s targets such as; reduced the level of commercial cover-up, lowered the level of cash in circulation, participated in raising the quality of stores, helped to enable the Saudi citizen to enter commercial work environments, collaborated in reducing tax evasion and involved in reducing commercial fraud And a lot of contributions are at the level of the sector itself.

To Achieve the Saudi Vision..

In the aspect of empowering enterprises in the wholesale and retail sector, Sary has contributed by facilitating the procurement and supply process for medium and small enterprises. Sary has been able to link suppliers and buyers, and not forgetting the important role in supporting and linking buyers’ calculations. It provided new sales channels to suppliers to increase sales volume and other contributions in this sector, which had a large role in the spread of Sary.

Sary always aspires to achieve the Kingdom’s vision of speeding up operations and improving its performance. Changing the traditional trading methods was a significant step forward, instead of the primitive and illegal methods that were used in commercial transactions. For the time being , recent development of technology has made it possible for us to lead more comfortable lives.

Grocery stores that are located in traditional neighborhoods were always on the verge of bankruptcy, due to lack of supplier companies that supplies them with products. Both narrow alleys and limited spaces were shopkeepers’ main concerns. Sary has extended a helping hand to this group and afforded them with the products they needed to be able to start again.

Keeping pace with development and achieving goals is the only way to achieve the Kingdom’s vision. Sary contributed in obtaining the vision by connecting about 25-50 suppliers that Saudi grocers deal with, and all of this by one click! As a result, 33% of those who work in the retail sector are Saudis. Sary has provided an online platform that allows them to supply their products and other services in order to support them in becoming successful entrepreneurs. Sary also set goals for them, including helping and empowering small and medium-sized enterprises, which now constitute 35% of the market, in order to enable them to conduct business as it reduces the costs of purchasing operations. By digitizing، documenting and auditing financial transactions, we will be able to eliminate the causes of the commercial cover-up which has reached 400 billion in the retail and wholesale sectors.


The growth of this country is our growth, its development and success make us puffed up     with pride, and every figure we achieved in Sary was for this country. All in all, strong businesses often require creativity and innovation in addressing a concern in a new way