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The local commercial market passed through hard times. Unfortunately, the level of local trade at that period was poor. As all aware, shipping delays can cause a lot of complications for online retailers. Delayed deliveries can badly damage the reputation of an e-Commerce store and break its customers’ trust. Long years were wasted on adopting primitive ways of buying wholesale goods. This had led consumers to be lost  between suppliers and warehouses.

As the years passed by our Saudi commercial society, until the revival had launched, the stores had evolved and the technology entered the market. From the ancient commercial center and its traditional way of buying and selling Sary came out to us, to correct wrong commercial principles and straighten the pillars of commerce. Sary symbolized the pride of being The first Saudi company to use modern technology to connect suppliers and users. Sary was found to begin a new phase in our successful Saudi commercial history


Have you ever wondered what ‘Sary’ means? Firstly, Khaled and Mohammed started searching for the appropriate name. This process was underpinned by practical criteria including; short, memorized, identified and easy name to pronounce in different languages. Secondly, the founders wanted a distinctive name that represents the movement and sustainability as a logistical technology company. After a while, they narrowed their choices down to a couple of names that would work logistically and taking into consideration the company’s role in future. Eventually, the name of “Sayar” has popped up, after going through brainstorming and discussing it with friends “Sary” was the winning name.

All in all, Sary is an  Arabic word that came from the verb conjugation of walking  and progressing, which describes the smooth movement of fluids such as water.

The name was chosen to denote the vision of the company aspiring to facilitate the supply chain, as water flow in its course.

Sary has been established in 2018, like any company in its early stages it was a technology company that served the beneficiaries around it. Sary didn’t take a long time until it confidently started to grab the spotlights and was able to reach the largest and finest wholesale suppliers, and concentrated all the focus on the suppliers and consumers. This success didn’t happen overnight, Sary has been facing a lot of obstacles till now. Some of the obstacles were withdrawing some supplier companies from the market, delaying the companies response, lack of resources in their beginnings, and many other obstacles that stood in the way of Sary’s success. Some obstacles hinder the organization to the point of thinking to withdraw or losing the passion to reach the goal, but Sary considered obstacles as push forward and to reach the goal.

Funding was one of the challenges Sary faced. In the beginning, the matter took about 12 months from the beginning of the establishment stage until Sary earned the first international investment. As known, this for sure required self-financing while maintaining the balance between the growth of the company and the financial stability of the founders.

In the early stages, Muhammad and Khaled the founders of Sary were alone, none of the current team members has joined them yet. From where should we start? How to create a team? But founders were interested in the administrative field and that helped them a lot in controlling and managing the situation. Muhammed and Khaled started to form their team until they reached 60 employees.

success story..

In the last period, there have been many commercial projects in the Saudi market, but not all of them were able to successfully complete their commercial journey, many of them disappeared from the market after a while, or switched to another field where they try their floundering skills. Nowadays, we hear success stories but very few in the region, especially in the field of e-commerce in the business sector.

The fact that Sary’s idea is innovative and new to the market, in its beginnings many people bet on its failure and the impossibility of its success and acceptance, because it works on (digitizing) the application of digital transformation techniques and the transition of services provided by government sectors to an innovative business model based on digital technologies, away from the human crowding that has become the cause of corruption in many sectors. But after a while Sary proved the exact opposite with its success.

In a traditional commercial society, it was difficult to prove the quality of Sary’s idea, from the first day the owner’s idea about Sary was to build a company with an active structure and light assets, meaning that it would not depend on investing traditionally in warehouses and trucks but rather on digitizing the sector. With modern development and technical progress, this idea seems intuitive, but it was difficult to comprehend for regular wholesalers, especially in a sector accustomed to a certain commercial pattern over a long period, the idea was heavy for those who throughout their practice in the field were accustomed to seeing tangible products and realistic relationships between service providers and beneficiaries .

After two years, the betting that Sary’s team placed on the flexible operating model saw its results on reality, and the success became real, thanks to the influence of relationships that helped the company expand rapidly and at a lower cost.

Sary has established a solid foundation to face any coming barrier. Likewise, keeping up with modern technology and social media platforms is half of the business success. And this is what makes Sary unique from its competitors.