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Have you ever thought after submitting your online order what happens behind the scenes? Hundreds of complex commands start executing and will be sent to the warehouse database to complete the operation.
Warehousing companies are now starting to become more than simple storage shelves. Warehouses today are transforming themselves into “third-party logistics providers” or “3PLs” that provide a wide array of services and functions
Sary suppliers play a major role in our continuity and success. A supplier is an entity that provides a specific product or service to another party, and the role of a supplier in the business is to provide high-quality products from the manufacturer to the retailer


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is considered a supportive environment for wholesale markets, particularly in Dammam, Riyadh and Jeddah. The commercial importance of Dammam and Jeddah lies in being a strategic geographic location. Furthermore, Dammam and Jeddah are coastal cities thus, the presence of ports helped in making them active commercial cities. Riyadh is no less important from coastal cities of course, because it polarizes businessmen to the wholesale market. These features helped suppliers to appear on the market with various products such as; food, paper, chemicals, plastic products and the list goes on

Our products

At Sary our reputation matters to us, that’s why we carefully select our suppliers and their products. Therefore, we provide food products that your office, grocery, or even your coffee branch may need from leading companies in the market such as Berain water, Al Alali products, various Nestle products, or even Rabea tea!
We also provided stationary tools for employee desks or your grocery shelves with Jarir products. Sary mobile app is handy as it helps with the product selection, based on your business type. choose the type of destination to be delivered to, the products expected to be needed will appear to you in the chosen place.
For example, you wanted Sary to provide you with service at your office, then (Caesar juice with its various flavors, water with different brands, and snacks in which to sweeten your day, or even paper cups!) Appears as suggestions for office supplies
And other suggestions that vary according to the place!

Our clients

You might think that Sary is responsible for connecting the wholesale market with groceries only. However, Sary was found to enable businesses across multiple sectors, offices, restaurants, cafes, schools and other projects that need wholesale price products without getting into the hassle of the wholesale market.
Sary helps that grocery store that is about to close, lends a helping hand to ensure that business’s success. Our customers deserve to renew our products for them, put offers to suit their requirements, and select for them the best suppliers in the market

And because of your health is important to us ,especially with the current circumstances, not forgetting to mention the prevention icon which includes products that help to protect against epidemics, such as; a protective face mask, a thermometer, and types of sterilizers

Trading industry

For centuries, importing and exporting is a global commercial basis, and a country hardly succeeds commercially without prominent companies in those two areas. The best-known example of a supplying company in the kingdom is Saudi Aramco which is considered the biggest company in the world, Saudi Aramco is a successful supplier of crude oil
In terms of wholesale markets, Jareer is the best example of a famous stationery supplier in Sary Platform.
Another example from the food industry, Al Alali is considered a prominent symbol of the diversity and multiplicity of products

The list goes on with other supplier companies that are an example of successful supply in the Kingdom

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